For masterclasses or performances please contact Mark directly

Sessions and Blocks

You can arrange to study by contacting Mark directly. Rates vary depending on whether you’d like to go lesson-by-lesson or in blocks.

Online ordering details

If you can travel to Mark’s studio in Maine where you will be made very welcome. Otherwise sessions will be held over a Zoom or Skype video call between your location and Mark’s studio. 

Follow up
All sessions include free follow-up by email, as you wish. Follow-up can include exchanges of short audio or video files as is helpful.

Mark was a music professor in a few universities. Think of emails you might send to Mark as the equivalent  of open office hours.  In other words, if you have a question or questions between lessons, send them to Mark via email. Don’t hesitate! 

Scheduling lessons can be as regular or irregular as you wish—it’s your choice..

Mark suggests sessions every two weeks as optimal but that’s a recommendation and not a requirement. 

To purchase sessions or blocks as gifts, Just let Mark know the details. He’ll take care of the rest
If you have unused lessons and you want a refund, just let Mark know. The policy is always No question asked for full refunds for unused lessons.

Looking to book Mark for masterclasses or performances?

You can get in touch with Mark here to discuss