The link to everything


Slowly, but surely, I’m getting to the end of my recording project. Here’s the link to everything that’s well, either finished, or so close to being finished that it IS finished! It’s an entire folder on Dropbox with five pieces.

The newest of them is Covfefe, a word that may well end up in a dictionary. That is if anyone will definitely say what it means. But, I digress.

For the pieces to which it’s attached it seems to me to an appropriate title. Covfefe also features an instrument known as the Continuum-mini. It’s an interesting little beast and well-worth looking up on the web—there are plenty of videos and such that show how one plays it.

In any event, I may add a few more pieces that are more or less finished to the overall collection. Or I may improvise a few solo piano pieces and just leave it at that. Or, I may …..

Meanwhile, I’m sure most of you know my wife and I, with Rascal, our dog, are making plans to return permanently to Maine in the US. While doing all of that, I’m learning more about how to move a piano internationally than anyone should have to know. I’m happy to share all of that information in detail for whomever may be interested or have a need for it.

Anyway, the link to everything is

And the picture at the top of the post? That’s in Devon in the UK with my good friend and amazing pianist John Pickett. We found our way to a pub and while there spoke entirely in piano language. Please believe me—John can PLAY the living daylights out of all pianos!