Soon, very soon: Music 4 gadgets gizmos gongs


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After a year or so of work on this thing I’ve been calling my CD project, I’ve finally just released it. Assuming no strangeness from those who oversee worldwide distribution of streaming music, then Music 4 gadgets gizmos gongs should should be released internationally within several days, eg Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, etc., some services that distribute in China, and more.

Here’s the cover art:

Mark Polishook

About the music: The piano features prominently in most of it. At the same time there’s a lot of electronic stuff, this and and that, to be heard. What I’ve found from test listeners is everyone hears what they want to hear in it.

What that means exactly, I can’t say except that some of my piano friends mostly hear the piano, others hear the mix between the piano and assorted electronic things, some hear it the music as being cinematic in some ways, and a few have remarked that it all sounds rather, well, strange.

The latter is maybe the best compliment of all! Why? Because I think it indicates some have not come across anything like it before.

Anyway, with this release I feel I’ve reached something I’ve been looking for for a long time. That specific something is how to bring my interests in the piano, improvisation, composition, and technology into the same space under the same roof.

Of course, some of you may have heard some of the in-progress versions of pieces that’ll be on the album already. I’ve been referring to them in blog posts and on Facebook and posting links. But what’s being release now, represents finished work. And it all somehow comes together as a collection in a way that different when individual pieces are heard without connection to the rest of them.

The only other large news is I’m moving to Portland in Maine, hopefully in mid-January. That means I’ll be leaving the UK which has been home for the better part of the last 10 years.

But not to worry, if we’ve been working together on Skype, then location means nothing!

In Maine, I’ll continue teaching, I’ll probably do more performing than has been possible in the UK, and I’m planning on more music making, in general.



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