Pierre Boulez and Paul Bley and Piano Lessons and More


I wrote a guest post for the fabulous PianoDao blog about Pierrre Boulez and Paul Bley, both of whom recently and unfortunately passed away. I’ll say here simply that that Pierre Boulez composed wonderful repertoire for piano and Paul Bley improvised at the piano. He REALLY improvised. But both of them did so much more than what I’ve said. I never met them but their music and aesthetics influenced me in more ways than I could have imagined. I explain how and why in my blog post at PianoDao.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in piano lessons, if you’re interested in learning how to improvise, or if you’re interesting in learning how music from individuals as disparate in style as Pierre Boulez and Paul Bley can radically change and improve your music making then contact me and we’ll discuss possibilities.

I teach individual or group lessons on Skype or in my studio in Leicester. We can cover all sorts of things from piano to jazz improvisation to counterpoint to harmony to composition to music technology to how to bring all of the preceding together into a unified approach. I work with all students at all levels of ability–from complete and total beginners through to working, experienced professionals.

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