Meludia and technology


I’m going to become much more pro-active re: technology for music learning. There’s so much good technology stuff out there and, indeed, the piano, is one of the best examples off a previous technology innovation.

As for my technology activism, I’ve always been an early adopter. My belief is it’s up to the teacher to make new technology work for students – to set realistic expectations while pointing out that without experience with any particular technology there’s no way to know if it’ll work for us or not.

An observation which is not a criticism is all too often I’ve seen music education in general rely on the old ways when a variety of “new ways” that can make a huge positive difference are out waiting for a user base. Finale, Sibelius, and some others are not the only games in town.

So, I’ll be posting about this more but for now will mention I’ll be recommending Meludia for ear training to my students.

Is it the best option for that? Only time and use will tell. Is Meludia the most forward-facing and potentially innovative ear training technology that’s out there? Based on my early research I’d say yes, indeed, it is.

Based on my early research the answer is a solid yes. Visit them at and decide for yourself.