Get me to the university on time!


Jazz, Skype, the University of Maine@Augusta

Beginning in September, literally in just a few days, PolishookPiano branches into new but familiar territory.

I’ll be teaching jazz piano lessons on Skype to students at the University of Maine at Augusta. Some of you know from 1st hand experience in the last millennium–the portion from 1990 to 1997–I was an assistant professor there before moving on to Central Washington University.

Jazz and distance education and transfer credits

UMA was one of the first university’s in the US to offer a major in jazz. It was also one of the first universities in the world to embrace the idea and practice of distance education. They’ve been at it for a long time–way before most other universities.

Among the interesting things that can come from this is UMA students who wish to receive university credits for studying with me can do so. Of course, transfer requirements differ from school to school but credits earned at UMA should, in principle, transfer elsewhere.

Renewing ties and exploring the new

Many thanks to my old friend Rick Nelson who made this all possible. I’m very much looking forward to renewing ties with old friends and colleagues.

But some things never change!

Of course–the overall mission of PolishookPiano remains the same: To teach and spread the language of piano and improvisation internationally wherever possible to everyone and anyone who’s interested.