Feeling Instead Of Hearing (A Metronomic Pulse)


I have known metronomes. And I’ve philosophised about them. For example:

As Time Goes By: Musical Time And The Metronome

Metronomes And Measured Time

Today I came across a new interesting metronome, The Soundbrenner Pulse. More or less it’s an iWatch redesigned for musicians. But that said it’s not an iWatch and it’s not a watch. The SBP does connect to an iOS or Android app–as does just about everything else these days. The back story is it was brought to market through a successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. But it’s not an iWatch knockoff or substitute.


The SBP’s USP–it’s unique selling proposition–is it updates metronome functionality so its users feel pulse rather than simply hear or see it. Although hearing and seeing pulse are still options. The iPhone and Android apps are there to control, divide, and otherwise group the pulses into whatever patterns a user might need.

As far as I know, playing or practicing along to what we feel instead of playing along to what we hear is an update to what metronomes have offered since their widespread dissemination early in the 19th century. The option to control a metronome through software, whether an app or whatever is relatively new but it’s not unique to the SBP.

There are 3000+ users already. Does anyone reading this have hands-on experience with it?