Conlon Nancarrow


Couldn’t let a good link (copied from a post elsewhere) go to waste so here’s Conlon Nancarrow recorded on a Bosendorfer. If you’ve never come across him before he composed almost exclusively for player piano and was much admired by György Ligeti whose Etudes came about in part after hearing Nancarrow’s music. Or at least due to the influence of Nancarrow’s music.

Meanwhile, Nancarrow’s music for player piano is available in a wonderfully recorded set (Vols. 1 through 6). There have been previously released sets but none with the quality of this new version–well, “new” is relative–because these recordings are almost a decade old. Google “Nancarrow Bosendorfer” to find where it can be acquired.

Here’s the first study–from the “new” Bosendorfer recordings.

I’ve been listening to Vol. 1 and it’s exquisite. Although to be fair this may be music in the category of (a) acquired taste or (b) music once heard in original recordings has to be reheard in these Bosendorfer recordings or (c) extraordinary repertoire we don’t usually come across but once found we can’t leave.

I choose choice C. Your mileage may vary.