Mark Polishook - Pianist and Masterclass Piano Teacher.

Jazz, classical, improvisation, composition, music theory, music technology, and more. Follow a curriculum that we’ll create together to move you from A to Z. Or work on select topics according to your interests. My philosophy—my guiding principle—is learn, improve, and have fun—and all of those things at the same time.  

I work with all levels from complete beginners through to experienced professionals. Amateur or professional, it makes no difference.

Something all of the student with whom I collaborate share is love for music, learning, and improving. That’s because if we play the piano, with even a tiny bit more skill and insight than yesterday, and if learning, practicing and playing and, indeed, just thinking about music—is fun, then all things in terms of acquiring musical skill and ability are possible.

When you study with me, your learning process won’t be a set succession of steps—the same grades and requirements, so to speak, for one and all. Rather, our collaboration will grow towards the skills and accomplishments you wish to acquire.

Over time, the results of your studies—your steady progress and growth as a pianist and a musician—will speak for itself.

Mark Polishook

Mark Polishook

Dr Mark Polishook, currently based in Maine in the US (that after a decade in Leicester in the UK), is known internationally as a jazz pianist and a composer. He is a former director of the music composition and theory programs at Central Washington University in the United States.


Here’s a sampling of what previous students have said about their learning experience with me.