Mark Polishook - Pianist and Masterclass Piano Teacher.

Jazz or classical, improvisation, composition, and music technology. Follow a curriculum that’ll move you from A to Z. Or work on select topics according to your interests. Most importantly, my philosophy is learn, improve, and have fun—all of those things at the same time.

Please note (because I’ve just relocated from the UK to the US: I teach in my studio in Maine or on-line through internet video conferencing. And THAT leads me to say:

FORGET LOCATION. IT’S OVER-RATED!! The truth, as I’ve found it in our internet-enabled time, is any and every student—anywhere and everywhere—better off with the best available teacher.

That, instead of the pre-internet standard, which was seek out the best teacher locally, which meant in essence seek out the best teacher within traveling distance. But, to frame internet and pre-internet possibilities in a different way:

Do you value collaborating with the teacher of your choice? Or would you prefer to keep the pool of teachers with whom you might work within commuting distance?

In any case, I teach in my studio for those who wish or prefer to share the same location with a teacher. And, I teach on the internet through video conferencing. That enables us to collaborate across any distance, world-wide or wherever.

I’ve collaborated with students who studied with me in my studio for years at a time. I’ve collaborated for years at a time with students who live thousands of miles from me on different continents

Of course those choices, local study—or collaboration from a distance—are yours to make. Meanwhile, I work with all levels from complete beginners through to experienced professionals.

That means, as regards the piano or all things related, you may be a complete beginner, you may have some or a lot of experience, you may be studying music as a pre-professional at a college or university, you may be working on a doctoral degree in music, or you may be an accomplished, experienced professional.

Whether you’re in any of those categories or none of them, the commonality amongst those who study with me is they love music, learning, and improving,

And make no mistake about it! FUN is also a core component for everyone, no matter what they might be learning. Said a little differently: most of us want to return to do the things that are fun.

So, if we have fun while collaborating with a teacher and if we have fun while practicing in between lessons, and if we practice and stay the course, then sooner or later, and often MUCH SOONER, surprising, often unexpected, results appear. Specifically:

We play the piano, with more skill and insight than yesterday, and learning, practicing, playing, indeed, just thinking about music—it’s all fun and bursting with possibility!

Experience a new way of learning the piano in which improvisation is one huge part of the overall process. And why shouldn’t it be? For example, consider Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, not to mention many other great composers. First and foremost, they were known to the public as astounding improvisers. Following that, came their reputation as composers.

When you study with me, whether in my studio or over Zoom or Skype, you’ll build up and out from that legacy of creativity and on-the-spot extemporisation.

Meanwhile and always, improvisation, if classical music, composition, jazz, music theory, music technology, or some combination—even perhaps only one or two—of the above are what interest you, then your collaboration and study with me —and your learning process—won’t be a set succession of steps—the same grades and requirements, so to speak, for one and all. Rather, our collaboration will grow towards the skills and accomplishments you wish to acquire.

Over time, the results of your studies—your steady progress and growth as a pianist and a musician—will be obvious such that it’ll speak for itself. In fact, over time and with practice, progress often arrives before we even realise it! 

And yet another benefit will surface, which will be the acquisition of additional and propitious skills, knowledge, and understanding. In tandem with your interests, all such things will propel you ever forward and closer to your goals.

Perhaps I should have just said: Let’s earn in an efficient, easy, fun, and rigorous way so you get the results you’d like. Let’s work towards the potential and proficiency you’d have and reach. Relax and enjoy learning at the piano.

Mark Polishook

Mark Polishook

Dr Mark Polishook, currently based in Maine in the US (that after a decade in Leicester in the UK), is known internationally as a jazz pianist and a composer. He is a former director of the music composition and theory programs at Central Washington University in the United States.


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